Google Deceptive Warning


  • Submit a request to remove the warning
  • Can take up to 10 days for warning to be cleared
  • View required prerequisite’s below first


What Causes ‘The Site Ahead Contains Malware’ Error

The error message occurs when Google has blacklisted your WordPress website. When a Google user is trying to access your website, Google shows them the ‘The Site Ahead Contains Malware’ warning on a red screen to discourage them from visiting the WordPress site.

You must be wondering why Google does that! The reason is simple.

Google wants to protect its users from harmful and deceptive websites.

A website is considered harmful or deceptive when it is running harmful programs to sell illegal drugs or conduct illegal gambling, show pornography among other things.

But if you are not doing any of these things, then why is Google blacklisting your site? The answer to this is that your website is probably hacked and hackers are conducting malicious activities on it without your knowledge. If you are not sure is your website hacked, you can check our article.

How Did Your WordPress Website Get Hacked? We’ll look at this in detail.


  • Malware needs to be removed before
  • Failure to remove malware first will not remove the warning from google.